S6A3-MPTAW, high Performance and Reliable marine engine

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) boasts a long
tradition in manufacturing engines, tracing back to
the production of Japan’s first unit for commercial
use in 1917 and spanning both diesel and gasoline
types in two- and four-stroke configurations.
To date MHI has supplied more than 120,000
marine diesel engines for both main propulsion
and auxiliary applications in ships and boats. The
company’s impressive record of engine deliveries
is proof of MHI’s close and unbroken relationship
with marine industries.
The S6A3-MPTAW engine is designed and built in
Japan, received the latest IMO2 and CCNR2 certifications,
and delivers performance and reliability.
From the combustion chamber design to the fuel
injection technology, to the turbocharger and the
advanced cooling system. Everything has been
perfectly balanced to provide highly reliable operation
and optimum fuel consumption across the entire
power curve. Its maintenance is easy as each
cylinder has its own cylinder head, and the engine
has large inspection covers on the crankcase.
No auxiliary component requires separate lubrication,
whether it’s the fuel injection pump, governor,
water pump or the turbocharger. It is a great size
engine for your inland cargo vessel, and workingand
fishing boat.
Product Dimensions & Dry Weight
L (mm): 1,636
W (mm): 1,036
H (mm): 1,421
Dry Weight (kg) : 1,900
6-cylinder, 4-cycle, Water cooled, Diesel Engine
Direct-injection, Turbocharged with Air-cooler
Bore x Stroke (mm) : 150 × 175
Displacement (L) : 18.56


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