• Stand-by, prime power & continuous power
and cogeneration
• Full range from 400 kVA to 15 MW
• Suitable for power plants
• Cogeneration energy packages

Global Reach

As a global operating company with subsidiaries in all parts of the world our goal is to help you wherever you need it. Our generator sets are made to perform even under the toughest conditions and are known for their durability and reliability. Quality Our generator sets are built with the well known and reliable Mitsubishi engines, Mitsubishi Turbo’s and a top quality brand of alternators making them outstandingly reliable and excellent in performance. We have a relentless focus on product quality and production management which makes us a reliable partner for customers for many years.

Application engineering

Our engineers will support you all the way in your process to choose and implement the right generator set. A dedicated application engineer with deep knowledge of our engines, generator sets and your needs will be connected to you to speed up the process. We believe in personal attention and in the discussions with you we will be able to find the best possible solution for you.


Click link for full engine range and specifications:

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