Mitsubishi Diesel Engines and Large Marine Engines

All Mitsubishi Engines, both marine diesels and marine engines, are designed and built to deliver performance as well as fuel efficiency. From the combustion chamber design to the direct fuel injection technology, from the turbocharger to the advanced cooling system – everything has been perfectly balanced to provide a highly economic operation and optimum fuel consumption across the entire power curve of marine engines.

Mitsubishi ECOSILENT Engine

Mitsubishi’s “ECOSILENT ENGINE” represents their philosophy of developing the most environmentally friendly engines. So not only does Mitsubishi offer a long term solution to your power needs, it also aims to create a sustainable power source by complying with the latest and future emission regulations. Mitsubishi’s advanced research, development and production techniques are used in a wide range of engines and applications.

Mitsubishi Generators

Generators for day and night use, main power sources for water treatment facilities, fire extinguisher pumps, main engines for construction and agricultural machines, large marine engines for giant tankers, high speed cargo ships, passenger ships, fishing boats and work boats.

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