Mitsubishi Marine Engines and Spare Parts

If you are in the market for a Marine Engine Diamond Diesels (UK) Ltd a well-established business is the place to be. Located at Unit A, Martree Business Park, Rudgate, Thorp Arch, Leeds, LS23 7AU. We are the UK importer and distributor of Mitsubishi Marine Engines, Industrial Engines and Genuine Mitsubishi Spare Parts. We can provide you with Industrial Diesel Engines for Generators and variable speed applications. Marine Diesel Engines for Propulsion and Auxiliary application. Mitsubishi Gas Engines also.

Mitsubishi Marine Engines, Gas, Diesel and Craftsman

We can provide you with a Mitsubishi replacement Diesel Engine, and a full array of Mitsubishi spare parts . We even cater for a number of older “out of production” Mitsubishi diesel engines and marine diesel engines and have a selection of used / reconditioned Mitsubishi spare parts available.

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Marine Range
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Gas Engine Range
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Mitsubishi Spare Parts
Mitsubishi Spare Parts

Gas Engine Range

Mitsubishi Marine Engine

Mitsubishi engines are renowned throughout the world and have a reputation second to none when it comes to dependability, fuel consumption and durability, lasting for many years. Their long stroke and low compression minimises stress from vibration to the engine. A Mitsubishi marine engine will give you on average 25% more iron than the competition. A marine engine with larger displacement is far stronger. Larger mass provides greater internal durability for better reliability. Mitsubishi Marine engines are designed to be easy to service. This will save on the cost of maintaining it and reduce the downtime of you machine or vehicle. Again saving further costs if the engine is integral to your business.

If you are looking for a Mitsubishi marine engine an engine that you can trust will work day in and day out, Diamond Diesels are here for you. Contact one of our team to further discuss your requirements. Our representatives will be able to help you with the engine sales, parts or service. Call now Tel: 01977 683690. Or fill our our enquiry form here

Mitsubishi engines and spare parts

Diamond Diesels Ltd — your UK distributor of marine engines and parts

From Industrial engines to marine engines, and Mitsubishi engine parts, Diamond Diesels Ltd is a home-grown importer and distributor in Leeds with everything you need to keep your diesel engine running like a dream. 

We’ll help you find and buy the right engine for your needs and have all the spare parts so you can keep it in the best possible condition for long-term use.

We provide:

  • Mitsubishi marine engines
  • industrial diesel engines for generators and variable speed applications
  • marine diesel engines for propulsion and auxiliary applications
  • Mitsubishi gas engines (not sold directly)

We also cater for a range of ‘out of production’ Mitsubishi diesel engines.

Industrial engines

We cater for large diesel engines for use on heavy construction equipment such as generators and compressors, and have a range of parts for smaller industrial engines fitted in forklifts, excavators etc.

Mitsubishi gas engines are a great fuel-efficient and eco-friendly option for industry. As well as being highly efficient and reliable, they offer greater stability and a better ROI compared to other models.

Mitsubishi engine parts

We carry a full range of Mitsubishi engine parts, including spare parts for older diesel engines and marine engines that are no longer in production. We also stock used and reconditioned spare parts.

Using genuine Mitsubishi engine parts is the safest way to protect your investment and ensure long-lasting satisfaction and functionality. After all, they’ve been designed, developed and manufactured with Mitsubishi engines in mind, and the company is one of the few manufacturers to build their own engines from scratch. That means every nut, bolt and filter was crafted to work together with optimum performance and reliability in mind.

Mitsubishi marine engines

Suitable for propulsion, auxiliary, diesel-electric, harbour and emergency use, Mitsubishi engines are renowned around the world for being among the most dependable, fuel efficient and long-lasting engines out there. They’re designed with long stroke and low compression to minimise stress and noise from vibration to the engine and a marine engine will give you on average 25% more iron than competing brands. 

That greater mass in the engine makes it stronger on the inside and more reliable, but Mitsubishi engines are also designed to be easy to service. This means it will cost you less to maintain your engine and will reduce downtime for your machine or vessel.

Key features of Mitsubishi marine engines include:

  • powerful performance 
  • flexible for a wide range of applications 
  • high reliability
  • low and efficient fuel consumption
  • compactness to save space
  • minimal requirements for lubricants and spare parts
  • easy maintenance.

Mitsubishi engines are designed and built to last, so they’re a great investment for your vessel.

Why Choose Us?

Diamond Diesels is a well-established local company based in the UK with a global reach. We pride ourselves on helping you find the right Mitsubishi machine engine or supplying genuine Mitsubishi engine parts that you can trust to work day in, day out. 

Together, we can keep your business running smoothly, efficiently, and even work towards reducing your carbon footprint.

If you’re looking for marine engines for sale, need advice from a Mitsubishi expert or have any questions about a part or product, get in touch today.

Call now Tel: 01977 683690 or fill in our enquiry form here.

With a UK dealer network to support with parts & service and maintenance as required.